Construction of Fourth Mainland Bridge in Lagos Set to Commence

Construction of Fourth Mainland Bridge in Lagos Set to Commence


The much awaited construction of Fourth Mainland Bridge is expected to kick off in some weeks to come because it has been confirmed that efforts are ongoing to appoint a competent contractor that would commence work on the gigantic project.

It has been estimated by some government officials that the project would gulp $2.66b, including the cost of access roads and some other relevant things.

It is reliably gathered from Government officials that currently, operate transfer (BOT) model has been issued, adding that very soon they would release the operation timetable for the construction of this lofty project.

According to the Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde, construction could begin before the end of this year because some of the funds that are needed for the project have been allocated in this year’s Lagos State Government budget, noting that he bridge would be useful both passenger and cargo traffic.

He stated that when the project is completed, it would go a long way in decongesting Lagos and give a quick solution to the problems confronting the city residents and transport sector.

The Commissioner said: “The project may take longer time because we must ensure that a certain number of homes and other buildings, mainly in informal settlements, will have to be demolished and terms of compensation agreed with residents.

This is often a controversial process on infrastructural projects, partly because it can be difficult to determine exactly who lives in informal settlements” he noted..

The Lagos State Government has assured Lagos residents that would lose landed properties that they don’t have any reason to panic as the government would ensure that they are compensated before their buildings are demolished.

Ayorinde however enjoined them to cooperate fully with the government officials to ensure that the compensation will be done in time and in appropriate manner, stating that those who are entitled to compensation are those who produce the right documents of ownership to the local housing and land offices.