National Housing Scheme Kicks off in 33 States- Fashola

National Housing Scheme Kicks off in 33 States- Fashola


The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola announced recently that the Federal Government had commenced construction of houses in 33 states for workers under its National Housing Scheme.

The minister made this intimation at the sixth meeting of the National Council on Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

He noted that Availability of land in the 33 states paved way for the construction of the houses, stating that the stakeholders in the housing sector needs to look at short, medium and intermediate streams of opportunities for employment and productivity

According to him, the government is committed towards achieving the national policy of providing affordable housing to Nigeria people. He noted that the development of housing sector can springboard massive Job creation, adding that a total of 54,680 people have secured employment so far.

In his words:  “While our national housing programme  is the first of its type on a national scale in many decades that seeks to respond to the deficit, government agencies such as the Federal Mortgage Bank, Federal Housing Authority are being repositioned to play their role more effectively to address the housing problem.

“For example, the Federal Housing Authority has been mandated by the ministry to reposition itself to be one of our champions of housing delivery based on its previous track record. Similarly, the Federal Mortgage Bank continues to deepen participation in the National Housing Fund which forms a reliable pool of funding from which she lends money to contributors by way of mortgage loans to acquire houses.

“In addition, the bank has granted loans to estate developers to build houses; and from their recent report to me, they currently have 3,823 housing units available for sale in various states of the federation,” he added.

The Minister stated that the ministry’s actions are in tandem with the objectives of the Council’s theme which is to build for inclusion, for growth and for prosperity.

Talking on the issue of procurement, Fashola said that he had given a directive to the ministry’s staff to review the procurement requirements and guidelines. He added that was done collaboration with its legal department with a view to ensuring standard practice and to offer opportunities for participation.

In his speech, FCT Minister Mallam Muhammad Bello said that the FCT Administration had initiated Housing and Urban Management Programs in order to solve the challenges of accommodation bedeviling the resident of the city.